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Meet the lawyers of the office

Orechdin Law Office provides expert

legal advice to corporate clients and

private individuals, as well as effective

representation in court.

We are a dynamic and fast growing

office, located in the heart of Antwerp.

Every client is our most important client.

Straightforward or complex, large or

small, each case is directly supervised

by our senior partner, Nir Zeltzer and

his right-hand, Deborah Johnson.

Hand-in-hand with our extensive

network of external collaborators, all

leading specialists in their field,

Orechdin has the resource and vision

to successfully counsel you through

the most challenging proceedings.

Nir Zeltzer

Nir obtained his Diploma in law at the Antwerp University and has practiced since 1999. He has built considerable experience in the real estate sector, supported by comprehensive studies in Real Estate and a diploma in Real Estate Expertise, to ensure the necessary technical knowledge in this field. Furthermore, he obtained a diploma in Master in Business Law at Antwerp University.

Nir is an experienced lawyer with strong analytical powers. His driving goal is to achieve results for clients, which he accomplishes with the support of a broad range of sources and networks.

He is very successful in resolving conflicts and achieving optimum results during negotiations, even under pressure and through complex procedures.

Mobile: +32 477 58 78 97


Deborah Johnson

Deborah obtained her diploma in law at the Antwerp University and started her career as lawyer at the Turnhout Bar. In 2002, she moved to Antwerp, when she joined the Orechdin law office. Here, Deborah primarily deals in the fields of family law, criminal law, employment law, and traffic cases.

Deborah approaches cases with profound insight, and her professional yet human touch is greatly appreciated by the law firm’s customers.

Mobile: +32 495 81 00 63


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