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Orechdin Law Office offers a broad package of legal services.
Our lawyers have a wealth of experience gained over many years in a wide range of successful legal cases

Our services.

Our clients are private persons, companies and the self -employed from the four corners of the earth and numerous business sectors.

Consult Orechdin when legal expertise and/or resolute action is vital, for a wide range of subjects:

  • Commercial cases,

  • Criminal cases,

  • Real estate and building cases,

  • Civil cases,

  • Private and family law,

  • Employment law,

  • Traffic law,

  • Right of abode, civil liability and resolving conflicts,

  • Rental cases, the collection of unpaid bills and debts.

Every client and every case, however large or small, is important and can count on the greatest care and best advice.

External support from specialist lawyers is brought in for foreign cases and files with international aspects.

Furthermore, the office provides assistance at all stages of the procedure. It is of prime importance to us that our clients are involved in every major decision during the course of the procedure.

Every client is given the mobile phone of each lawyer to obtain answers immediately. We are available to our clients at all times.

We are available to our clients at all times.

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